The Good Dinosaur Terrarium

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The beautiful landscapes in The Good Dinosaur are as much a part of the story as Arlo & Spot themselves.

We wanted to bring a little bit of the setting of The Good Dinosaur into our home, so we created this terrarium inspired by the film!

What You'll Need
  • A glass or plastic terrarium (available at craft stores)
  • Arlo & Spot toys
  • A selection of air plants, moss, coral, rocks (availble from garden centres)
How To Make It
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    To start, you’ll need an empty terrarium. Next, decide what kinds of plants you’ll want to include. Your terrarium can include air plants, rocks, sand, cacti, whatever speaks to you! We went with air plants, moss, and some coral we got from a garden centre.

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    Arrange your items inside your terrarium however you’d like. We started our first layer with moss and coral, and then added the air plants on top.

  • IMG_0616

    Finally, add in Arlo and Spot, and your terrarium inspired by The Good Dinosaur is complete!

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