Olaf In The Sand

Olaf will melt your heart this summer. Create Frozen’s sun-loving snowman at the beach with your little ones.

Player: 1+
What You'll Need
  • Sand (at the beach!)
  • Carrot
  • Shells for mouth
  • Stones for buttons
  • Short twigs for hair
  • Twigs for arms
How to Do it
  1. Build Olaf’s body by starting with a large flat base. Add a shorter level on top and flatten it out well. Use your hands to define the dividing line between the two portions.

  2. Build a tall mound on top, shaped as a cylindrical pyramid. This is Olaf’s head. Slowly mold the head into shape and make indents for Olaf’s eyes and eyebrows near the top of the cone.

  3. Directly below the eyes insert the carrot, large end first.

  4. Half way between the top of Olaf’s head and Olaf’s body draw with your finger or a twig a horizontal line for Olaf’s mouth. Curl it up a little at the ends to make sure he’s smiling. Add a few white shells to the centre of the mouth as Olaf’s teeth.

  5. Place a stone on the front of the middle portion of the body, then two stones on the base of the body. These are Olaf’s buttons.

  6. Lastly, place three short twigs to the top of Olaf’s head, and two long twigs to either side of his body.

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