3 Ways Dory Lives Out Her Uplifting Motto

Just Keep Swimming

Some days, life doesn’t go as planned but thanks to Dory we know that when life gets you down the best thing to do is “just keep swimming”.

With just three little words Dory gave us one of the most uplifting mottos ever spoken. So here are three little ways Dory lives out her motto that can inspire you and your little one:

1. Friends as Family
When we meet Dory in Finding Nemo, she can’t remember how long it’s been since she was with her family. In the Finding Dory trailer we learn that between the two movies she’s made a home with Marlin and little Harpo (we mean Nemo!). Dory shows that even if our families aren’t close our friends can help keep us swimming.


2. My Family!
There’s a magical moment in the first Finding Dory Teaser Trailer when Dory remembers her family. “My family!” she exclaims and immediately leaps into action to find them. Because when you remember your loved ones, you remember that you will do anything for them.


3. Always Be Encouraging
We’re so excited to meet Destiny the whale shark! We hope Destiny and Dory become fast friends. Imagine being friends with Dory, she’s always so encouraging. In the trailer, Destiny confesses she’s not a great swimmer to which Dory responds with “I think you swim beautifully”. This blue tang is the most encouraging friend ever!